Project Runway All Stars Recap: Which Designer Buckled Under Pressure?

Project Runway All Stars Recap

None of Project Runway All Stars‘ remaining 13 designers were thrilled by the announcement of an unconventional materials challenge on Wednesday’s episode, but they channeled their inner Tim Gunn and made it work — for the most part.

Always the bearer of good news, host Alyssa Milano assembled the baker’s dozen of contestants on a Southwest plane, where she explained this week’s challenge: Repurpose flight-related items into a “glamorous look for modern-day air travel.” Additionally, they would have to recycle seat leather into an accessory for their garment.

As with any challenge — but especially one where the designers are pushed outside of their comfort zone — tensions in the workroom ran high, especially when certain contestants (hi, Django!) had to scrap their original concepts after discovering how difficult non-fabric can be to work with.

Georgina Chapman noted that the runway was “one notch up from what we’ve ever seen before,” with top honors going to Irina Shabayeva for the “really cute look” she fashioned out of paper cups and mesh drawstring bags. Isaac Mizrahi even faked her out with the old “I don’t like this dress… I adore this dress” routine, and guest judge Tamron Hall summed up the garment with three words: “Intense, fierce and fun.”

But for every winner, there must be a loser, this week’s being Seth Aaron Henderson. His attempt to “invent a new silhouette” was unsuccessful, with Mizrahi saying, “This looks like a dress made of seat belts.” Which is exactly what it was.

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