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Fam Recap

For a comedy series — with a studio audience, no less — there sure is a lot of drama going down on CBS’ Fam. The sitcom, which premiered Thursday, introduced us to Clem (The Vampire Diaries‘ Nina Dobrev) and Nick (Disjointed‘s Tone Bell), a newly engaged couple looking forward to their bright future together. A future full of secrets.

For starters, Nick had no idea just how much of a mess Clem’s teenage half-sister Shannon (Nashville‘s Odessa Adlon) really is, though he got a pretty good idea when she broke into their apartment to chill while her drug-dealer boyfriend was busy selling a pound of weed to pay for the deposit on their new apartment.

Nick also had no idea that Clem’s father (The Good Wife‘s Gary Cole) was still alive, which he learned when Freddy unexpectedly showed up at Nick’s parents’ apartment for dinner. Nick wasn’t thrilled to discover that his fiancée has been lying to him, but thanks to the weed-laced walnuts he didn’t realize he ate, he was actually pretty chill about the whole thing.

In fact, Nick is fully — OK, mostly — supportive of Shannon moving in with him and Clem until she gets back on the right track, though something tells me that won’t be happening anytime soon.

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