Project Runway All Stars Recap: Was the Right Designer Eliminated First?

Project Runway All Stars Recap

After throwing two more designers into the fray last week, Project Runway All Stars finally began to thin the herd on Wednesday, resulting in the season’s first dramatic elimination.

This week’s challenge was to design a sophisticated-yet-appropriate dress for a spring or summer graduation party, with each designer receiving a tassel which dictated their color schemes, whether they liked it or not. (Most did not.)

Generally speaking, newcomers Juli Grbac (winner of Project Runway Australia Season 1) and Sean Kelly (winner of Project Runway Season 13) fit seamlessly into the workroom — minus a brief moment where Dmitry threatened to literally vomit on Sean’s dress if he decided to use any more fringe.

But no one received more workroom shade this week than poor Irina. Her fellow designers may not have said it to her face, but her look was described as being “straight out of some hooker fairytale” and was compared to a “slutty Barbie.”

In a glorious turn of events, Anthony Ryan — who found himself in the bottom two last week, narrowly escaping elimination — was named the winner of this challenge. “What a turnaround!” marveled Georgina Chapman, who loved the “upbeat look” and praised the designer for his “interesting take on graduation.”

As for this week’s loser — and the first designer to be eliminated this season — two designers found themselves on the chopping block for very different reasons: Irina, for essentially creating a sexual party dress for a toddler, and Sunny, who disrespected the assignment by only using one color in his design. (The judges didn’t appreciate his “cheeky” decision to stick a blue brooch on the back of his all-yellow dress.)

In the end, Sunny’s “risk” was not worth the reward. It was with great sadness that Alyssa Milano announced he would be the first designer sent packing — which is only fitting, since his design left the judges “bummed” and “sad.”

Do you think the right designer was eliminated first? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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