Kimmel: President Trump Interrupted Primetime to 'Warn Us About a Completely Made-Up Thing'

Jimmy Kimmel was one of only two late-night hosts (the other being CBS’ James Corden) who taped his Tuesday show after President Donald Trump interrupted primetime to address what he has declared a “crisis” of national security at the U.S.-Mexico border. In his speech, Trump spoke of the many alleged crimes perpetrated by illegal immigrants and called for action, declaring the situation “a crisis of the heart, and a crisis of the soul.”

“All the major networks covered this live, and for good reason: Rarely does a president of the United States interrupt primetime television to warn us about a completely made-up thing,” Kimmel said. “His speech was about 10 minutes long — which, according to Stormy Daniels, is about eight minutes longer than he usually lasts.”

Kimmel went on to list the things that Trump’s address did not mention, including the migrant caravan that was supposedly coming to “get us” just three months ago.

“I don’t know what happened with that, but I guess it disappeared after the election was done,” Kimmel deadpanned. “He desperately wants us to believe that there’s a crisis at the border besides the one that he created,” but thus far, the American public is not convinced. If POTUS wants the country to believe that it has a real crisis on its hands, “don’t say there’s an army of illegal immigrants, say there’s an army of chupacabras crawling through Tijuana,” Kimmel suggested. “Tell everyone they’ve got red eyes, they’ve got sharp claws, and if we don’t stop them, they’re going to eat our children and our Instagram. That’s how we get people fired up.”

Watch Kimmel’s monologue in full to see what he had to say about the rebuttal by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, then hit the comments with your reactions!

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