grown-ish Premiere: Did Zoey and Luca's 'Ship Survive the Summer?

Grownish Recap

After spending the summer exploring their individual passions (or lack thereof), Zoey Johnson and her crew returned to Cal U in Wednesday’s grown-ish premiere, only to discover that the world is still very much against them. (Hey, we all have to learn it sooner or later.)

Not only was the girls’ new apartment a total disaster, but Zoey’s long-awaited reunion with Luca — who just got back from a summer in Paris — was also a disappointment. In fact, Luca didn’t even call her upon his return to campus; she had to find out about it from, of all people, Aaron. And when Zoey eventually tracked Luca down, his stoned ass couldn’t even finish a Hugh Grant movie without passing out. It was a mess.

And Zoey’s pals did little to calm her nerves, assembling a visual presentation to showcase her and Luca’s conflicting body language. They even revealed that they have a “Zuca 9-1-1” group text dedicated solely to the couple’s apparent unravelling. (So much for being #RelationshipGoals.)

I wouldn’t say that Zoey and Luca’s problems were completely solved by the end of the season’s first hour, but the fact that they both dropped the L-bomb proves that they’re headed in the right direction… for now.

Also worth discussing…

* Am I completely imagining a spark between Ana and Aaron? Sure, they butted heads a few times during Wednesday’s premiere — mostly over his need to politicize everything as well as her relentless basic-ness — but isn’t that how all great TV romances begin?

* Can we start a Change.org petition to cut off Aaron’s rat tail?

* And not that we didn’t appreciate the sight of Vivek in a tank top, but is there any chance he could get an actual storyline this season?

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