The Orville Season 2 Premiere Recap: Release Date

Orville Recap Season 2

In the Season 2 premiere of The Orville, someone really had to boldly go — and it set the stage, oddly enough, for some new romantic developments.

Moclans only urinate once a year, and it now is time for Bortus’ Great Release. The ceremony apparently is quite a big swing for a “date,” so Kelly decides to ask the guy she has been seeing for a month, school teacher Cassius (pronounced CASH-us). Alara meanwhile doesn’t want to bring bad luck to the ceremony by attending stag, so she lets Bortus set her up with… Dann (whom you remember from Season 1 as the guy who loves elevator small talk). Alara obliges Dann with a first date, but his vivid poetry comes off a bit strong.

Kelly’s situation dictates that she alerts Ed to the fact that she is dating someone new, and though he seems to take it in stride, she later catches him doing a “drive-by,” passing outside her quarters’ window in a shuttle. When Kelly vents to Cassius about the incident, he makes the mistake of 1) shrugging off the drive-by (“We’ve all been there,” which is kinda true) and 2) telling her to “calm down.” Ed later apologizes to Cassius, and even offers some tips (red wine, Journey’s “Open Arms,” be just dopey enough) to get Kelly back in his good graces.

Elsewhere, Claire had her hands full with son Marcus’ new friend James, who rubbed her the wrong way by openly calling her a “pain in the ass.” After the boys were later found in the simulator drunk on stolen vodka, Claire realized that James’ parents believe Marcus to be the bad egg. Luckily, Isaac sat in on the parent-teacher conference, where he was able to determine that James has been hacking his report card, and this also hacked the food synthesizer. As thanks for his help, Claire invited Isaac to attend Bortus’ release ceremony with her.

Lastly, Gordon found himself instantly smitten with the ship’s new dark matter cartographer, Lt. Tyler (hey, it’s Michaela McManus!), so he turned to John for help on improving his “game.” John first outfitted his friend with an overly zippered jacket (which I think I bought at Macy’s back in 1983), then put him through his paces in the simulator, where he set the bar scene to a fierce Level 8. Gordon finally got the confidence to approach Lt. Tyler… only to flake out. Later, at episode’s end, we see Tyler sidle up to sad sack Ed at the bar…..

What did you think of Sunday’s special season opener, to be followed by another new episode this Thursday at 9/8c?

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