The Resident EP Hints at 'Frustrating' Love Story Ahead for Mina and AJ

The Resident Season 2

An epidemic of love triangles is sweeping through Chastain Park Memorial Hospital.

When The Resident returns in January, Devon won’t be the only doctor caught between two love interests: Mina will have to contend with matters of the heart, too. Although the gifted surgeon doesn’t know it yet, her mentor, Dr. AJ Austin, is in love with her — and the Fox drama won’t be ignoring that fact, despite Mina’s ongoing involvement with Micah Stevens.

“It’s a tricky one for us, because there’s always a great debate of whether [AJ] and Mina will cross a line at some point when Micah is in the picture,” executive producer Todd Harthan tells TVLine. “For now, what we are enjoying is this series of near-misses and bad timing [for Mina and AJ].”

And Mina’s interest in Micah isn’t the only hurdle for AJ to clear. He also has a personal rule that forbids him from getting involved with someone he is mentoring — and that rule will leave AJ highly conflicted in forthcoming episodes, according to Harthan.

“He does not want to complicate such a meaningful and powerful professional relationship by crossing a personal line,” he says. “Until they are equals and he is not her superior, he is just not comfortable crossing that line. It’s something that we’re going to play with, and it’ll give us good drama in the back half [of Season 2].”

In short? If you’re hoping to see this twosome give it a go, you’ll have to be patient: Harthan says the Mina/AJ arc will “frustrate the audience, hopefully in a good way” when the show’s sophomore year resumes.

The Resident returns Monday, Jan. 14, at 8/7c on Fox.

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