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102 TV Shows That Ended in 2018: Which Ones Will You Miss Most?

TV Shows Cancelled Ended 2018

2018 is almost in the books… and it’s taking a whole lot of TV shows with it.

Between network, cable and streaming, more than a hundred shows aired their final episode this year, either due to cancellation or a pre-determined “final season.” The small-screen casualties ranged from long-running hits (Scandal, Once Upon a Time) to critically adored gems (The Americans, The Last Man on Earth) to… shows we barely knew existed, frankly (what’s One Dollar again?). But as dedicated TV fans, each cancellation hurts us at least a little — and this is how we process our pain.

Check out the gallery to the right — or click here for direct access — to see our list of which shows said goodbye for good in 2018. (Mind you, this list doesn’t include shows like The Exorcist, which were cancelled this year but aired their final episode in 2017, or like Jane the Virgin, which had their final season announced this year but will actually finish airing in 2019.) Once you’re done mourning with us, pop back here and vote in our poll: Which of this year’s dearly departed shows will you miss the most? And if your favorite wasn’t one of the poll options, hit the comments below and give it a proper send-off there.