Dynasty Fall Finale Recap: Was This Really [Spoiler]'s Last Christmas?

Dynasty Recap

The Carringtons had themselves a scary little Christmas on Friday’s Dynasty fall finale, a hectic hour that left the fates of two characters in question — and something tells us that only one of them will experience a holiday miracle.

Most of the hour was spent searching for the baby of many names (Blake? Matthew?), with each member of the family taking a radically different approach: Fallon chose to cooperate with the FBI, a plan that basically blew up in her face, while Blake opted to employ a private security team in an effort to operate more discreetly. Father apparently knew best this time around, as Blake’s televised appeal led to the family tracking down Claudia on the roof of a seedy motel.

Unfortunately, Claudia — who admitted to shooting Cristal! — didn’t have the baby in her possession, a fact I was very happy to learn after thinking she dropped it off the roof. (Well done with that “It’s just a doll!” fake-out, Dynasty. You got me good.)

The baby, it turns out, was kidnapped by Manny the manny, a conclusion Kirby reached when she realized that a pacifier went missing shortly after he visited the mansion to speak with investigators. Though Kirby’s visit to Manny’s apartment seemed like your average desperate booty call, she was secretly there to confirm her suspicions. She didn’t even need her father’s help; by the time Anders broke into the apartment, Manny was already lying unconscious at Kirby’s feet.

Unfortunately, the Carringtons’ celebration was to be short-lived. In the episode’s final moments, Anders received a disturbing bit of news over the phone: Steven, who was supposed to visit the family for Christmas, never got on his plane from Paraguay. He’s — gasp — missing!

Poor Jeff Colby also had a pretty lousy holiday. After learning that Culhane (aka “Mike Jones”) ordered the smoke bombs that led to Monica’s injury, he confronted Fallon’s fiancé in the middle of a job. The mission had already gone south — Culhane discovered that Ada was planting heroin in a shipment to frame Van Kirk Industries — but Jeff’s involvement made things worse, eventually getting him shot.

Culhane’s plan was to drive Jeff to the hospital, then to go on the run himself. Unfortunately, a head-on collision with another vehicle took them off course… and may have cost Jeff his life.

We have so much to discuss: Do we think Jeff is really dead? And was Steven kidnapped, or did he choose to stay away from Atlanta? (Frankly, I wouldn’t blame him for avoiding his toxic family, especially during the holidays.) Grade the finale in our poll below, then drop a comment with all of your theories.

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