TV Land's Teachers Face Budget Cuts, Grizzly Bears in Final Season Trailer

Before the final bell rings on TV Land’s Teachers, the ladies of Fillmore Elementary have 10 more lessons they’d like to impart, beginning with how to defend your school from potential grizzlies. (Thanks, Betsy DeVos!)

TVLine has an exclusive first look at the trailer for Teachers‘ final episodes — Season 3B premieres Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 10/9c — which kick off with a new neighbor (and his pet grizzly!) moving in across the street from the school. Though the teachers try their best to explain why it’s a bad idea to keep a 600 lb. predator across the street from so many children, they ultimately… wait, do I even need to finish that sentence? We can all assume that whatever plan they concoct will prove equal parts disastrous and hilarious, so let’s just sit back and enjoy it.

Additional highlights from the new trailer include Chelsea’s defense for having her students use Bunsen burners to heat up her bikini wax (“They were learning science!”), Cecilia’s failed attempt at protesting in favor of gender-neutral bathrooms, and Caroline’s worst-case-scenario prediction for the Teacher Appreciation Awards. (“Maybe it’ll be like The Handmaid’s Tale and we’ll have to stone each other. … Dibs on going first!”)

Teachers, which originally premiered in Jan. 2016, stars Caitlin Barlow, Katy Colloton, Kate Lambert, Katie O’Brien and Kathryn Renée Thomas.

Hit PLAY on the video above for a first look at Teachers‘ final episodes, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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