Timeless Stars Preview Rufus and Jiya's 'Weird Disconnect' in Series Finale

Timeless Series Finale

Should Timeless‘ two-hour series finale (airing Dec. 20 at 8/7c on NBC) be successful in resurrecting Rufus, his reunion with girlfriend Jiya will be a complicated one.

Following the tumultuous and deadly Season 2 ender, “he and Jiya now have this sort of weird disconnect,” Malcolm Barrett, who plays Rufus, tells TVLine.

A number of factors are at fault for the schism, including the three years that Jiya was stuck in the dangerous world of 1888 Chinatown. “She had to take care of herself, and the effect of that is that she’s changed as a person,” Claudia Doumit, who plays Jiya, explains. “She’s a lot tougher. She is a lot more resourceful, and she’s just different. That person that we see now is not the person that was in a relationship with Rufus, so that definitely adds some conflict.”

Plus, let’s not forget the not-so-small fact that Rufus was killed in Chinatown, so his potential homecoming won’t be without consequences, personal and cosmic. “I think dying changes you in some ways, and in a lot of ways, it’s not just Rufus being affected, but those around him,” Barrett previews. As a result of Rufus’ death, he and Jiya also “now exist sort of in different timelines almost, along with the team. They’re kind of existing in different worlds, so to speak, and so it will be interesting to see them actually try and reunite those worlds.”

Resurrecting Rufus might also come at a cost since the timeline always does “its best to try and fix itself in some way or fashion,” Barrett says. “As a result of the team traveling into the past and then attempting to save Rufus, you’ll definitely see the ramifications of that timeline.”

“It will be interesting to see whose timeline changes, or what timeline has to change, in order” to get Rufus back, Barrett teases, noting that “there’s always a loss” when the order of the universe is messed with. “We save this, and then Jessica came back. And then Amy disappears… So it will be interesting to see if and when we get back Rufus back, what the changes are in the timelines and with the people who are affected.”