The Good Place Gang Finally Sets Foot in… the Good Place — 2019 FIRST LOOK

The Good Place Season 3 Episode 11

First Look Photos TV 2019When The Good Place returns with new episodes in January, we’ll get our first peek at the actual Good Place… and is it just us, or are things looking awfully dusty around here?

In TVLine’s exclusive first look at the Jan. 10 winter premiere (NBC, 9:30/8:30c), Michael, Chidi and Eleanor have reached the honest-to-goodness Good Place, and are ready to find out why not a single human soul has been admitted there in more than five centuries. And judging by all the unanswered mail and unsorted files lying around, we can kind of guess why: It looks like the Good Place isn’t exactly the most modern and efficient place in the universe.

“The question of why no one has gotten in in 521 years will be answered in the next episode,” creator Michael Schur assured reporters at a recent screening. “Michael now has more information than he’s ever had… so he now has, at least in theory, a plan of what he can do with the information he has gathered.” (That includes the knowledge that even a perfect do-gooder like Doug Forcett falls short of the Good Place’s lofty standards.) But Schur warns that Michael “doesn’t have the whole story yet. He will… shortly.”

We won’t have to wait, though, to see Eleanor and Chidi in the throes of a full-fledged romance. “They’re, like, holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes now,” Schur admits, adding that the kiss they shared at the end of the fall finale “is big, and it’s real… Picking up almost immediately in the next episode, it’s pretty gooey” between them. It’s also “a safe bet” that Janet’s secret love shrine to Jason will be a topic of conversation, Schur hints: “A lot of that stuff gets dealt with very quickly… in various ways.”

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