Future Man Season 2 Trailer Previews Bonkers 2162, Seth Rogen Cameo, Bisexual [Spoiler] — 2019 FIRST LOOK

First Look Photos TV 2019“Our mission failed,” Tiger (Eliza Coupe) informs a dazed and confused Josh (Josh Hutcherson) in the opening seconds of Future Man‘s Season 2 trailer — and she’s not kidding. When the fantastically fun Hulu action-comedy returns with its 13-episode sophomore run on Jan. 11, Josh, Tiger and Wolf (Derek Wilson) will see firsthand the helluva mess they made of the future.

The new reality also features a bevy of eccentric and deadpan new characters, one of which is played by exec producer Seth Rogen, as well as extreme makeovers of existing characters (Wilson’s Wolf now goes by the name Torque and is in a polygamous marriage with members of both sexes). And wait until you get a load of Josh‘s new alias.

Unlike the series’ time travel-heavy Season 1, our central trio will spend much of Season 2 in 2162, EP Kyle Hunter previously revealed to EW.com. “There’s some jumping around, but for the most part we really wanted to focus on them living in a certain future,” he told the site. “We spent the bulk of the second season world-building, and putting them in some strange worlds and having them having to figure those out.… Josh is thrust into this future world, and he’s the fish out of water for the most part.”

Press PLAY above for a first look at Future Man Season 2, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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