Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Star Previews Harvey's Blue Christmas

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Though every Lifetime movie ever would argue otherwise, the spirit of Christmas isn’t necessarily a fix-all for fractured relationships — just ask Harvey Kinkle and Sabrina Spellman. Picking up shortly after Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘s first season finale, the Netflix drama’s upcoming holiday special (dropping Friday, Dec. 14) finds the iconic twosome at an impasse. (To be fair, I can’t imagine clinking mugs of hot cocoa with the girl who just revealed herself to be a witch and forced me to murder my own zombified brother.)

“Harvey and Sabrina’s relationship just isn’t … the same,” Ross Lynch told TVLine and other outlets during a recent visit to the show’s Vancouver set, reminding us that the couple’s last scene together included an official goodbye kiss. “They’re not spending as much time together. I’m there, but it’s pretty minimal. There’s not a lot for me in this particular episode because of those circumstances.”

Still, Lynch says there’s plenty to enjoy about the holiday special outside of Harvey and Sabrina’s severed connection, promising a “twisted Christmas” we won’t soon forget.

Kiernan Shipka echoes those sentiments, adding, “The holiday special is really wonderful. It’s a really emotional episode and it’s beautiful for the holidays. Obviously, the show wouldn’t be our show without some excitement and some demons — literally.”

What are your hopes for Harvey and the rest of the Greendale gang in Sabrina‘s big holiday special? Drop ’em in a comment below.

With reporting by Vlada Gelman