SNL 'Precap': The 5 Sketches That Jason Momoa's Episode Should Include

When Aquaman star Jason Momoa goes fishing for laughs at 30 Rock tonight, the first-time Saturday Night Live host will be doing so at the culmination of a news week that was dominated by a somber occasion, the passing of former President George H.W. Bush. Yet we have faith that the show will be able to wring laughs out of even the former POTUS’ funeral — if it makes the butt of its jokes a more divisive target. Read on, and not only will we explain what we mean, we’ll reveal the other sketches we’re hoping to see.

Capital Dubya: If Will Ferrell is available — and he oughta make himself available, considering that Holmes and Watson hits theaters at Christmas — we’d hope he’d reprise his role of George W. Bush to deliver a eulogy to his late father that manages to include a few digs about the other presidents at the funeral — in particular, the current one, who seemed to be uncomfortableduring the entire service. Maybe Dubya could even shed some light on why Trump didn’t recite a syllable of Apostles’ Creed!

Not Callin’ Kaepernick: We’re counting on SNL to get to the bottom of why the former 49er can’t get a tryout with an NFL franchise. In a matter of a couple of weeks, one team lost not one but two quarterbacks to gruesome leg injuries. Yet Colin Kaepernick’s phone never rang. So we want to know, how many football players have to be carried off the field — perhaps courtesy of 6’4″ Momoa as a linebacker — before Kaepernick gets a chance to play again? For the extra point, we’d cast Kenan Thompson as the controversial signal caller in question.

Wet ‘n’ Wild: If SNL really wants Momoa to make a splash in his hosting debut, the show will have him harken back to his Baywatch days and administer some lifesaving mouth-to-mouth to Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones and why not? Even a delightful new lifeguard played by Beck Bennett. We’d run to the TV — in slo-mo, of course — to watch that.

Are You Shipping Me?: Since the week’s news included a bizarre story about some Amazon warehouse employees who were sent to the hospital after a robot punctured a can of bear repellant, we can just imagine the list of similarly random holiday gifts that SNL could dream up. And hey, if the ideas are weird enough, they might even help us finish our holiday shopping!

U.N. Casting Call: With another former Fox News host (Heather Nauert) rising in the ranks of the Trump administration, maybe it’s time for VP Mike Pence to pull back the curtain and reveal the White House’s hiring practices. Obviously, any resumé worth considering must include a stop at the right-leaning cable network. But perhaps there’s an actual tunnel between the network and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — you know, just to make the trip between the two quicker and easier. Since Kate McKinnon closely resembles Nauert, we’re going to go out on a limb and give this particular idea at least a five percent chance of happening. (Yeah, we’re keeping our expectations modest this go-’round.)

So, what do you think of our predictions? Any sketches you expect/hope to see? Hit the comments.

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