SNL Asks 'What If Donald Trump Was Black?' in Empire-Inspired Sketch

Saturday Night Live‘s latest Donald Trump-skewering sketch began like any other, with the president being told, “The prosecution’s closing in. I’m afraid it might be over.” But that’s where things took a sharp left turn. Unfazed by this update on his investigation, Trump spun around in his chair and revealed himself to be… Kenan Thompson?

The sketch turned out to be an Empire parody titled Them Trumps, presenting the current First Family as politics’ answer to the Lyons, asking, “What if Donald Trump was black?” The cast of Them Trumps included Thompson as President Darius Trump, Leslie Jones as First Lady Malika Trump (doing Taraji P. Henson proud as the White House’s version of Cookie), Chris Redd as Darius Trump Jr. and Ego Nwodim as none other than L’evnka Trump.

As for the question posed by the sketch, let’s just say that Them Trumps don’t get away with their wrongdoings — including the pyramid scheme being run through Darius Trump’s Country Hams™ — quite as easily as their real-life white counterparts. (“Checks and balances, bay-bay!”)

Hit PLAY on the video above to meet Them Trumps. Then scroll down to enjoy the faux Fox drama’s poster, and drop a comment with your thoughts on the sketch below.

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