Supernatural Recap: Heaven Can Wait

Supernatural Recap

The Supernatural guys are smiling in the above photo, but they definitely were not in good spirits — just consuming them — during Thursday’s episode. The source of their binge drinking: Jack’s death. Yep, the former Nephilim died, and in the opening minutes!

On his deathbed, Jack wonders what happens to someone like him after they die. When Sam can’t give him any answers, Jack replies, “Then it’s going to be an adventure.” And then the boy is gone.

Sam is shaken and drives off with a bag. When Dean and Cas catch up to him, they find him sitting distraught outside the car. Dean says what everyone’s thinking: “Tell me you didn’t make a deal!” Sam reassures him that he was just trying to collect wood for the pyre so they can give Jack a hunter’s funeral, like Dean wants.

“This is not how I thought Jack’s story would end,” Cas laments. (It’s not how I thought it’d go, either!) But the boys aren’t giving up: Sam enlists the help of the witch Lily Sunder, who can bring Jack back by using magic that draws on a part of his soul. In exchange, she wants guaranteed entry to Heaven when she dies. (For the record, Sam is on board with this plan, even though he, of all people, knows how important the soul is.)

Meanwhile, Jack’s hanging out in Heaven with his “dads” when The Shadow, the thing that rules The Empty, overtakes the place in search of him. Naomi tells Cas that The Empty considers the Nephilim its property, and if they don’t hand him over, all of Heaven will fall. Cas tracks Jack to where he’s hiding out with his mom Kelly in the afterlife. When The Shadow shows up, Cas offers himself up in Jack’s place. The Shadow accepts the deal — but it plans to drag Cas away to nothingness when he’s finally happy. Cas tells Jack he had to make this deal because he loves him, just as Dean and Sam do. Jack then promises not to tell the Winchesters about Cas’ deal, because secret-keeping on this show always ends well.

With that, Lily and Jack do their magic/power thing and resurrect Jack. In the process, Lily dies and is allowed into Heaven. Cas gets a reward, too, for saving Heaven: Naomi offers up Michael’s location.

Supernatural fans, what do you think of Jack’s second chance at life? No way he’s completely OK, right? 

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