Arrow Star Stephen Amell on Whether Oliver Will (Green) Suit Back Up

Arrow Spoilers

Now that Oliver is out of prison, Arrow viewers and all of the former vigilante’s loved ones are probably wondering the same thing: Will the original Green Arrow put his hood back on in Monday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c)?

“He runs into the new Green Arrow — or runs into the new Green Arrow’s exploits — pretty quickly,” star Stephen Amell previewed during TVLine’s recent set visit. But Oliver isn’t necessarily ready to reclaim his superhero title from the mysterious crimefighter. “Coming out of prison, he gets asked that specific question very early on, like, ‘What are you going to do?’ and he says, ‘I’m going to try and do what you guys did, which is just find a different way to help the city.'”

How exactly Oliver will go about doing that is established “pretty quickly, but I think one of the fun things is it’s not Oliver who comes up with [the idea],” Amell teased.

Oliver’s recent experiences at Slabside prison, in particular on Level Two, will also play into his decision-making about his future. As awful as it was, the psychological torment he endured “teaches him a net lesson,” Amell said. “I think that the person who was trying to teach him that didn’t use the nicest tactics to get him there… But it definitely teaches him something, and it’s addressed, I think, in the first episode after he leaves prison,” in regards to “what his new mantra is going to be, if and when he puts the suit back on.”

Then there’s the question of how Felicity will feel about Oliver’s decision to leave Diaz alive after she herself took a dark turn and almost shot him. While Amell maintained that Oliver’s choice “will not influence his relationship” with his wife, it will be “incredibly impactful” for “another person that he’s very close with.”

“I don’t know if he’ll come to regret the decision, actually. Probably,” Amell added. “Maybe that’s part of the new Oliver, post-prison. Those are the decisions that he has to live with, even if ultimately the best thing to do would’ve been to not leave him alive.”

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