Legends Stars Tease Nate and Charlie's First Meeting, Hank's 'Shady' Agenda

Legends of Tomorrow Spoilers

The time has come for a most unusual “reunion”: On Monday’s Legends of Tomorrow (The CW, 9/8c), Nate will come face-to-face with Charlie, the shapeshifter who’s currently sporting his ex-girlfriend Amaya’s visage.

“As to be expected, he’s a bit overwhelmed by the situation,” Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Amaya/Charlie) previewed during TVLine’s recent set visit. Not helping matters is the fact that “the team chooses not necessarily the best tactic of, ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell,'” and doesn’t give their pal a heads-up about the Waverider’s familiar-looking new recruit. As a result, when Nate “stumbles upon” Charlie, “it’s quite a shock. And Charlie, being Charlie, doesn’t soften the blow at all. She makes the most out of the situation.”

But once the surprise wears off, Charlie might just be what Nate needs to move on with his life. “In some ways, she helps Nate get over Amaya,” Richardson-Sellers shared, “because when they do get over the initial confrontation, they do bond a little bit, and that’s quite beautiful to see. I think that helps him let go of his past and finally be able to live in his present.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Nate’s dad Hank (guest star Tom Wilson) questions the spending habits of the Legends, so his son invites him aboard the Waverider for the team’s latest mission to 1920s Paris. But not everyone is happy to have “the money guy” along for the ride.

“Sara hates Hank, because Hank… is not very nice to Ava,” Caity Lotz, who plays the Waverider’s captain, explained. “Ava follows the rules and the hierarchy, and Sara does not care about that.”

The time travelers may have even more reason to hate Hank after his mysterious Project Hades agenda is revealed. “Just wait until you find out what his real intentions are!” Lotz teased with a laugh.

Whatever Hank has in the works, it will set off alarm bells for Zari, who is “wary of the Time Bureau,” Tala Ashe said. “As time goes on, she’s going to be one of the people who’s suspicious of the shady things that may be happening there, and she’s very much willing to go and try to figure out what’s going on there. She’s always going to, I think, rub up against authority on a certain level.”

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