Chicago Fire Boss Talks Casey's 'Hurt' Feelings and His 'Fling' With Naomi

Chicago Fire Spoilers

Chicago Fire‘s Casey and Dawson have finally signed the divorce papers, as revealed in last week’s episode, but the pain of their breakup is still raw for the firefighter.

Even though Casey has some closure now, “I think he’s still hurt,” showrunner Derek Haas tells TVLine. “He’s probably a little angry. He’s probably going to act a little recklessly because of it.”

Recently, Casey confessed to his pal Severide that he’s been thinking about Naomi the reporter, and he later insisted on accompanying her on a road trip to Indianapolis. (Sure, the journey was to investigate a questionable fire, but a promise of dinner was involved.) And then there’s that kiss in the promo for the Dec. 5 fall finale (NBC, 9/8c). Put that all together, and it sure seems like Casey is moving on.

“I think people are assuming he’s immediately going to go into a relationship [with Naomi], and I don’t think it’s going to be like that,” Haas says. “I think it’s more of a fling.”

When not smooching, Casey and Naomi — who were last seen being watched by an ominous figure — are also “going to find trouble” in Indianapolis, Haas previews.

As for the possibility of revisiting Casey’s non-romantic relationships, Haas says there are “no plans right now to bring his mom or his sister back, but that doesn’t mean [that] won’t change. What you are going to see is Casey and Severide together.” (Additional reporting by Diane Gordon)

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