Supergirl Recap: Who Invited the Dragon to Thanksgiving Dinner?

Supergirl Recap

“Children of Liberty? Well, that’s a stupid name, isn’t it?” Manchester Black finally said what everyone’s been thinking on Sunday’s Supergirl, and for that, we thank him.

This year’s Thanksgiving episode began with the Children’s manifesto literally falling from the sky — because why send a tweet to the whole world when you could dump dozens of fliers in the park and call it a day? — laying out the organization’s anti-alien mission statement in black and white, which had everyone (especially Manchester) seeing red.

Lena immediately arranged for James to appear on the news to publicly disavow the Children as a dangerous hate group, but he had to back out because — wait for it — he was meeting with one of its members in the hopes of scoring an interview with Agent Liberty. (Spoiler alert: They’re all racist garbage bags. Even the hot ones.) In lieu of CatCo’s leading man, Kara appeared on the news, debating none other than Ben Lockwood on the dangers of his own organization. And just when Kara thought she got the upper hand with a warm-and-fuzzy speech about Thanksgiving, Ben turned the holiday against her, reminding her that our country has a history of being overtaken by seemingly friendly invaders.

The gang managed to hit pause on all the drama for about five minutes — long enough for everyone to gather for Thanksgiving dinner at Kara’s — before all hell broke loose, forcing everyone to scramble into action to thwart a planned attack by the Children. But a bunch of masked thugs became the least of everyone’s worries when an alien family’s pet lizard transformed into a full-on dragon and wreaked havoc on National City. (“That’s what I get for making a Harry Potter reference,” Alex sighed.)

Despite de-escalating the dragon sitch and saving the day, Alex and Kara still got an earful from that awful Colonel Haley, who could have fed herself to the fire-breathing beast for all I care. And speaking of people who are just the worst, Ben’s on-air scuffle with Kara apparently made enough waves for the network to offer him his own show. That sounds like something that would never happen in real life, until you remember three words: Judge. Jeanine. Pirro.

The most intriguing part of the hour, of course, was saved for its final moments. Lena, whose research into the rock from Argo has apparently been continuing this whole time, requested a human subject to see if she can successfully inject superpowers into a regular person. “The people we love are going to need our protection,” she said. (Meanwhile, I’m over here hoping that “the people we love” still includes James.)

Also worth discussing…

* Nia continued her (very) slow crawl to discovering her alien-ness, telling Kara & Co. that she suffers from narcolepsy. Do we think she knows more than she’s letting on, or is she totally in the dark?

* Remember the Red Daughter? Where the heck did she go?

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