TVLine Items: Young Justice Return Date, Sunday Night Magnum and More

Young Justice: Outsiders aka Young Justice Season 3 will premiere Friday, Jan. 4 on the new DC Universe digital subscription service.

Outsiders features the return of the fan favorite animated series with a huge cast of
DC’s most iconic young superheroes — plus brand-new characters, many of whom are just discovering their unique meta-powers and special abilities. Set against the backdrop of a rich, deep world that touches all corners of the DC Universe, the season focuses on meta–trafficking, and an intergalactic arms race for control of these super–powered youths.

Watch a true teaser video above.

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets? Well….

* Magnum P.I. will get a special Sunday airing on Jan. 20, 2019 at 10/9, leading out of CBS’ coverage of the NFL’s AFC Championship game.

* Royal Pains alum Reshma Shetty has joined Season 2 of CBS’ Instinct (premiering at midseason) in the recurring role of Maya, a glamorous ex of Naveen Andrews’ Julian, Deadline reports.

* Fox is developing Buffalo Wings, an animated comedy about two Canadian birds (and siblings) who become immigrant refugees in the U.S.. This series purports to “explore what it is to be a refugee and to fall in love with this country while pursuing the ‘American Dream’ from every possible angle.”

Which of today’s TVLine Items piques your interest?