Grey's Anatomy Boss: 'I Have Zero Desire to Erase Derek' From the Show

Patrick Dempsey Grey's

Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff is defending her decision to write a new chapter in Meredith Grey’s love life. In the wake of Thursday’s Grey’s fall finale, which found Ellen Pompeo’s no-longer-grieving-widow inching closer to a full-fledged romance with colleague Andrew DeLuca, Vernoff took to social media to set the record straight about the McDreamy of it all.

Responding to an irate fan on Twitter who accused the EP of attempting to “erase” the memory of Mer’s late love Derek and his portrayer Patrick Dempsey, Vernoff wrote, “Respectfully, I have zero desire to erase Derek or Patrick. He left the show. The show goes on. Meredith goes on. Life goes on.”

Earlier this month, Vernoff — citing the current #MeToo movement — admitted that Derek and Meredith’s courtship would likely look very different if it were being told today. “He was her boss, she was an intern, and she kept saying, ‘No, walk away from me,’ and he kept pursuing her,” she noted to the Los Angeles Times. “That is probably not a story we would tell on the show today, and it’s a beautiful reflection of the changing times.”

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