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Empire: Is [Spoiler] in the Coffin?!

The following story features a major spoiler from this week’s Empire — proceed at your own peril.

Wednesday’s Empire unloaded a helluva paternity shocker on viewers, revealing in the episode’s closing minutes that Jeff Kingsley is more than just Lucious’ archenemy — the dude’s also his son! The bombshell adds a new wrinkle to the Fox drama’s season-long “Who’s in the coffin?!” mystery, which has firmly established that the character’s death fills Lucious with both despair and regret.

But showrunner Brett Mahoney cautions against assuming that Kingsley is the casualty in question. “Assume nothing,” the EP warns. “There are many more delicious twists and turns this season.”

Mahoney promises that viewers will not have to wait long for Kingsley’s secret to get out, revealing that the bomb will be dropped on the Lyons in the series’ “unmissable” midseason finale on Dec. 5. Future episodes will also pull the curtain back on Kingsley’s ailing — and mostly mysterious — mom, who Mahoney confirms has ties to Lucious drug-riddled past. Says the EP: “She was Lucious’ friend and customer when he was a teenager.”

Her precarious health is what has been fueling Kingsley’s vendetta against Lucious. “Kingsley believes… that Lucious is responsible for getting his mother hooked on drugs,” Mahoney tells EW.com.  “The mother has been basically an addict and suffering from that and having numerous strokes. She’s in and out of consciousness… and from Kingsley’s perspective… Lucious is responsible for his mother’s drug addiction and then abandoning them.”

What do you think? Has Kingsley moved the the head of your “Who’s in the coffin?!” list? Weigh in below. 

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