Chicago Fire Sneak Peek: Naomi Seeks Casey's Help After Their Almost-Kiss

Whether Chicago Fire‘s Casey is ready to move on and date someone new is up for debate — but that doesn’t mean he can’t come to Naomi’s aid.

In TVLine’s exclusive video from Wednesday’s episode (NBC, 9/8c), the reporter — who shared a moment with Casey a couple weeks ago — returns to the firehouse with some disturbing news. It turns out her investigation into the trailer fire has led to a threatening voicemail: “You have no idea what you’ve done with that article of yours,” the caller warns. “You better start watching your back.” And who better to watch it than Firehouse 51’s upstanding captain?

Also of note in the sneak peek: Upon seeing Naomi, Casey’s first words are, “I was just talking about you this morning.” Hmmm. Just two episodes ago, Naomi leaned in for a kiss, but Casey pulled the “I gotta get up early” card. Still, Naomi sensed that the rebuffing was more about Casey not being over his ex, Gabby Dawson. “We’re separating. Or divorcing. Honestly, I’m not even sure,” he tried to explain.

“When you get it all figured out, give me a call,” Naomi replied. Could he have been discussing whether to ring her up that morning?

Press PLAY above to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your answer to this question: Are you ready to see Casey date?

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