Supergirl Recap: Parasite City

Supergirl Recap

“What is there to be upset about?” Kara asked atop Sunday’s Supergirl, which could only mean one thing: Kara was about to have a long list of reasons to be upset. Frankly, I think she went too far by ending her celebratory brunch with a toast “to health, happiness and basking in the sunshine.” On a TV show, that’s straight-up tempting fate.

And fate indeed replied, pitting the Girl of Steel against that gorgeous traitor Jensen, who now possesses (mildly dysfunctional) parasitic abilities, courtesy of Agent Liberty. Jensen basically begged to be put out of his misery, but his cries fell on deaf ears, probably because it’s hard for Agent Liberty to hear anything with that damn helmet on. Instead, he assured Jensen that he’d soon have control over his parasitic powers, calling him “the human weapon that will rid this planet of all roaches.”

An unmasked Agent Liberty later crossed paths with James and Lena at a fancy media soiree, where James immediately made it clear that their views don’t align. And no amount of Ben’s God-given superpowers — intelligence, handsomeness, etc. — could sway James to his side; the CatCo CEO told him, “You will not lay this at my feet” before storming off. (That said, I’m not comfortable with the amount of interest James is taking in the Children of Liberty. Like, there’s no way he won’t eventually team up with them, right?)

Meanwhile, Amadei — an alien healer whom Kara had just profiled in an article for CatCo — was suddenly facing a health struggle of his own, the result of a powerful amulet being stolen. (“I see what is happening to our country, divisiveness and discrimination,” he told Kara earlier in the episode. “If we want to fight prejudice … I must be seen. It’s not comfortable to me, but comfort is not my priority right now.”) Kara and J’onn approached the alleged thief at home, who turned out to be Amadei’s estranged daughter Elizabeth.

All of this week’s trains collided when it was revealed that Elizabeth’s mother — who clearly never recovered from her split with Amadei — gave the amulet to a Child of Liberty via the dark web, allowing Jensen to use its powers to strengthen his own parasitic abilities. Going against Colonel Haley’s explicit orders to terminate Jensen, Alex was able to de-escalate the situation peacefully, though Jensen expired before he could reveal the name of his mysterious employer. (Psst, it’s Ben!)

Also worth discussing…

* I’m already feeling the sparks between Brainy and Nia, even if Brainy did come off as kind of a stalker during their awkward reunion this week. Despite their intelligence, they’re both adorably clueless — in fun, different ways — when it comes to romance. (“You told me to find you, not call you!”)

* I appreciated that Alex stood up to Colonel Haley when she accused J’onn of trying to subvert the DEO by concealing his alien identity during his tenure as director. (Then again, when is Alex not standing up to her?)

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