SNL 'Precap': 5 Sketches That Oughta Be Included in Jonah Hill's Return

Rather than just tell you that we’ve been looking forward to Jonah Hill’s fifth turn as host of Saturday Night Live, we’ve decided to show you how much we’ve been looking forward to it by precapping the episode — in other words, detailing a few of the sketches that we expect/hope will be included. And — drumroll, please — those skits are…

Welcome to the Club: Hard to believe, but at the ripe “old” age of 34, Hill is being inducted into the Five Timers’ Club, a distinction which typically comes with a bit of hoopla from other stars who’ve taken five turns as host. If that tradition continues, it’ll probably happen during Hill’s monologue and include 17-timer Alec Baldwin, five-timer Scarlett Johansson and, assuming she wouldn’t mind generating some buzz for her Murphy Brown revival, five-timer Candice Bergen.

The Return of Adam Grossman: He was 6 years old in his first appearance back in 2008, and when we next see him, we fully expect Hill’s cherubic recurring character to still be 6 — and ordering off the menu at Benihana. Yup, if any sketch on this list is a lock, it’s gotta be this one, which is all but guaranteed to deliver several awkwardly hilarious moments.

Robert De Niro Times Two: A pair of news stories that broke this week could be enough to entice the 75-year-old Oscar winner to make another SNL appearance, first as himself, since he was a recipient of one of the mail bomber’s deadly packages, then as Robert Mueller, who was the target of a failed sexual-assault hoax. 

The Election: With only three days until the midterms, there’s no way SNL won’t do an election bit — or several. Our vote is for a special guest to stop by the Weekend Update desk to make a last-minute plea to Americans to exercise their most important civic duty. Bonus points if that special guest is SNL alum Will Ferrell, who was last seen in Georgia campaigning for gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Sox It to ‘Em: For the fourth time since 2004, the Boston Red Sox are World Series champions — which usually means a trip to 30 Rock for one of the team’s stars to make a cameo. While the current roster may not cause as much of a stir as the Pedro Martinezes and Big Papis of yesteryear, the Sox are still due for some S-N-L-O-V-E.

Tune in Saturday (11:30/10:30c, NBC) to see how many of our predictions were on point. And, in the meantime, hit the comments with the skits you are surest we’ll see.

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