Will & Grace Recap: Were You Crushed by 'Grace's Secret'? Yeah, #MeToo

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Thursday’s Will & Grace. Also jokes, plot twists — the works.

In Thursday’s Will & Grace, we learned, as the episode’s title suggested we would, “Grace’s Secret.” And though it was no joke, the installment wasn’t without laughs. (I mean, it had to have at least some funny parts — the legendary Miss Coco Peru guest-starred!) Read on, and we’ll not only let Grace speak her truth but learn the ultra-gay way that Jack tried to decide whether to make Will or Karen his best man.

will grace season 10 episode 5 recap sexual assault metoo‘IF I COULD DO THAT TO MYSELF, I COULD DELETE MY GRINDR ACCOUNT’ | As the episode began, Grace was so desperate to get out of a road trip to Schenectady with her father that she ordered Will to tell him that they had a thing. Unfortunately for her, her bestie instead said that no, “actually, the thing got cancelled.” What was he doing? Grace asked in a moment alone with Will. “You know my dad — we don’t talk!” All the more reason she should go, he replied, and not just talk but “talk about the stuff that matters.” Finally, Grace agreed to accompany Martin to her mom’s grave. But no way in hell was she going with him to pay her respects to his late BFF, Harry. Hey, why didn’t Will go with them? He would, he said, but he had Jack’s engagement brunch at Miss Coco’s establishment. Wait, Grace exclaimed. “So I actually had a thing?!?”

Later, when Grace and Martin stopped at a roadside diner for lunch, he insisted on flirting with the waitress (a deadpan scene stealer who could only recite the day’s specials in order). Why did he always do that? Grace wanted to know. Women “love it,” he replied. “They don’t love it,” she countered, setting him off blustering about all the #NotMe stuff that was making it so hard to be a man nowadays. Then, when she doubled down on her refusal to visit Harry’s grave, he challenged her about why. He’d gotten her a job with Harry, and how had she repaid him? She’d embarrassed him by stealing from Harry. In response, Grace asked if he’d really thought it had been OK for his pal to come on to his daughter. And so what if it had been a different time? What, “just because it was a different time, it wasn’t bad? All that meant was that people got away with it!” What exactly had Harry done that had been so bad, Martin wanted to know. And at last, Grace told him.

will grace season 10 episode 5 recap sexual assault metoo‘I REMEMBER EVERY SINGLE THING THAT HAPPENED THAT DAY’ | While working for Harry, Grace had been called into his office one day. He had shut the door, pushed her against the wall and told her to be quiet when she tried to scream. At that point, he’d started kissing her, pulled down her pants and put his fingers… “I was 15,” Grace reminded her horrified father. “I hate to interrupt the party,” said the waitress, “but we ran out of shrimp salad.” Since Grace and Martin were too upset to speak, the waitress assumed that they were bummed about the shrimp salad. “I know,” she said. “I’m disappointed, too.” Once alone again, Grace continued. She’d only stolen from Harry to get the money that she needed to get home as fast as she could.

At that point, Martin was in shock. “I didn’t protect my little girl,” he said, shattered. How had Grace… coped? “You just kinda split yourself into two people,” she told him, “the one it happened to and the one who gets through the day.” Ultimately, Grace forgave her dad, who proclaimed Harry dead to him. “Well,” Grace noted, “he’s dead to everybody, Daddy.” Later, at Bobbi’s grave, we learned that the one person in whom Grace had confided had been her mom. What’s more, all these years, Grace had thought she’d needed an apology from Harry. But it had turned out it had been her father from whom she’d wanted one.

will grace season 10 episode 5 recap sexual assault metoo‘OO… CONFLICT! WE HATE THAT HERE’ | After brunch at Miss Coco’s, Will and Karen argued that Jack’s best friend should pick up the check. And Jack certainly wasn’t Karen’s BFF, Will argued. “Your best friend is in the basement of the White House trying to tunnel her way out with the heel of her Jimmy Choo.” Things only became more complicated when it was decided that Jack’s best man should pay. How could that not be Will? “I’ve known Jack since he was 20,” he pointed out, “and for 20 years of his 30s!” Finally, Miss Coco intervened. “We’ll settle it like men,” she said, “with a Lip Sync Monologue Throwdown!” First up, Will wowed with his Lypsinka-worthy reenactment of “Leave Britney Alone!” Next, Karen performed the Wicked Witch’s “I’ll Get You, My Pretty!” monologue, as she put it, “straight out of the Bible.”

Since the audience was split as to which of them had won the Throwdown, a contest was held to see which of them knew Jack better… or, as the groom-to-be called it, “a public Jack-off.” For a while, Will and Karen were neck and neck. But when Will answered that Jack’s greatest fear was never having a legit acting career, Karen announced that he was wrong, wrong, so utterly wrong — because Jack, who looked more like Angela Lansbury every day — was most afraid of aging. As their remarks got nastier and nastier, Jack performed a monologue of his own — an original piece (which soon went viral) in which he declared, “We are gay men! We make our own rules!” As such, he was going to have two best men! Just then, Karen looked at Miss Coco. “Grace,” she said, “when did you get here?”

So, what did you think of “Grace’s Secret” and its handling of Grace’s harrowing #MeToo incident? Hit the comments.

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