New Amsterdam Sneak Peek: Reynolds Tries to Make Amends With Bloom

On this Tuesday’s New Amsterdam (NBC, 10/9c), Dr. Floyd Reynolds attempts to make good with his colleague/fling Dr. Lauren Bloom by asking her for a consult — but she sees right through his gesture in TVLine’s exclusive video.

“My professional opinion is that anybody in this hospital could have read those labs,” Bloom fires back, “and you only sent it to me in a pathetic and poorly veiled attempt to make amends for insulting my abilities as a doctor.”

After being thoroughly scolded, Reynolds offers a real apology. “You’re an exceptional doctor,” he tells Bloom. “One of the best I’ve ever worked with, in fact. I’ll never question your judgment again. I owe you a bottle of scotch just for putting up with me.”

Press PLAY above to find out if Bloom forgives Reynolds — and for a tease of the hospital’s new drug problem!

Elsewhere in the episode, “the pressure is on as Max takes on his first annual fundraising gala at the hospital, and emotions are high as some of the doctors’ families join them for the event,” per the official description. Meanwhile, “Iggy struggles to break difficult news to his daughter,” and “Kapoor and Dr. Sharpe work together to find out what is making a father-and-son duo so sick.”

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