Arrested Development Likely to End With Season 5, Says David Cross

Arrested Development Season 6 Cancelled Ending Netflix

Arrested Development is only halfway through its Season 5 (and its second season on Netflix). Yet the quirky comedy is also likely altogether through, according to David Cross, who plays “anal rapist” Tobias Funke.

On the most recent Late Night With Seth Meyers Podcast, the actor told supervising producer Henry Melcher, “I’ve learned to say ‘Never say never,’ but I can’t see it happening again, I think for a number of reasons.”

High on that list of reasons is almost certainly the interview with the former Fox series’ cast that the New York Times conducted in May. During the Q&A session, several co-stars, Cross among them, wrote off castmate Jeffrey Tambor’s inappropriate on-set behavior toward his on-screen wife Jessica Walter. (This was, you’ll recall, not long after Tambor had been eighty-sixed by Transparent in the wake of sexual-harassment allegations.)

The next eight — and probably the last-ever — episodes of Arrested Development are due in 2019, “at the beginning of the new year,” Cross suggested during the podcast.

What do you think, Arrested Development fans? Will you be OK if you’ve made your last trip to the frozen-banana stand? Or, if the show is really over, will you hold your breath till you turn, ahem, Bluth?

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