9-1-1: Ryan Guzman Previews Eddie's Tense Reunion With His Estranged Wife

9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 7

Just in time for Halloween, Eddie Diaz’s past is coming back to haunt him on Monday’s 9-1-1 (Fox, 9/8c). When his estranged wife reenters the picture, the drama’s newest recruit is forced to reconsider some of the decisions that ended their relationship — but that doesn’t necessarily mean a rekindling is in order.

“With any kind of love, especially one that includes marriage and a child, there’s always going to be something you feel for that other person,” Ryan Guzman tells TVLine. “And as you’ll see, it seems like she had very good reasons for doing the things she did. Plus, who knows if Eddie went over the line at one point. There are so many things that have yet to be said.”

Speaking of Eddie’s love life, many viewers — myself included — assumed that he was going to be paired with Buck’s sister Maddie, and although that’s not the direction in which things are headed, it’s not an entirely ludicrous assumption.

“I think everybody was on that same train of thought,” Guzman admits. “Even the writers, when they initially brought me in for the show, were like, ‘We’ve got this new character played by Jennifer Love Hewitt who we think you might end up with. We had this whole long speech about where the character was headed.”

Fortunately, things are far less complicated for Guzman off screen. Though he gets along with everyone in the cast, he says the best part about coming to work is spending time with Gavin McHugh, who plays Eddie’s son Christopher.

“I actually woke up to a text message from Gavin’s mom, and it was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read in my entire life,” he says. “Gavin had a school project where he had to pick an interesting person that inspires him, and he wrote about me. He could have chosen anyone, but he wrote about me. He was like, ‘I love Ryan. We have so much fun and he’s such a great person.’ That just warmed my heart. Gavin is a light that you can’t shut off. He brightens everybody’s day just by walking into a room, and his laugh his so infectious. He’s made me even more excited as a soon-to-be father to get to that place with my own child. I feel very privileged that my character gets to spend time with him.”

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