Ray Donovan Season 6 Premiere Recap: Staten Island Unmerry

Ray Donovan Season 6

Ray Donovan launched Season 6 on Sunday with a development that will shock no one save for Ray D himself: The titular fixer survives his pre-dawn nosedive into New York City’s East River. His savior? A fast-acting Staten Island police officer by the name of Sean ‘Mac’ McGrath who witnesses Ray’s 10-story leap and rescues him from his watery grave. Ray is not happy to still be among the living and he takes his frustration out on his guardian angel. Mac wins the brawl and throws Ray’s death-wishing ass in the slammer.

He emerges from captivity hours later to a welcoming committee that includes his longtime assistant Lena and bicoastal media mogul Sam Winslow (Susan Sarandon, now a full-fledged series regular), the latter of whom “pulled some strings” to get Ray sprung. She, of course, has an ulterior motive, as we’ll discover later. Ray rejects her offer to stay at her swank Manhattan digs and “take a little time for yourself,” before declaring to an L.A.-bound Lena, “I’m not going back.”

Yep, Ray Donovan is now an unofficial New Yorker. He marks the occasion by (shocker!) high-tailing it to the nearest bar, where he once again crosses paths with his East River good Samaritan, Mac. The two bond and, just like that, Ray has a Big Apple bestie, not to mention a roommate.

Following an unspecified time jump, the now-bearded widower is back on his still-grieving feet. He’s also (somewhat reluctantly) back on Sam’s payroll (ulterior motive callback!). The mayoral candidate Sam’s backing is in the kind of bind only Ray can remedy. Her predicament — which involves a hookup gone bad and a stash of career-killing X-rated video — turns out to be a bigger mess than she let on. And by the end of the episode, she’s standing over a dead body.

The rest of the Donovan family, meanwhile, is… mostly a mess: Bunchy, now full-on separated from wife Teresa, is having a tough time adjusting to being a part-time father to his kid; an incarcerated Mickey decides to follow in his son’s suicidal footsteps by devouring an XL serving of homemade nicotine stew (no way he’s dead, BTW); a perpetually miserable Terry is working at a gym in (I think) Brooklyn; and Daryl is cutting his moviemaking teeth (and realizing he’s in way over his head).

Bridget, meanwhile, actually seems to be in a good place with her cancer-conquering BF Smitty. No doubt that will change in a New York minute.

What did you think of Ray Donovan‘s Season 6 opener? Did you miss Abby’s presence? Thoughts on the new characters? Grade the episode and then elaborate in the comments!

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