Legacies' Big Mystery: Who (or What) Is Landon Kirby? Series Creator Weighs In

Legacies Spoilers Landon Kirby

It’s the question on every Legacies fan’s mind after watching Thursday’s series premiere: What’s the deal with Landon Kirby? Initially introduced as the show’s token human — its Matt Donovan, if you will — Landon was revealed to be some sort of “supernatural being” in the episode’s final moments (R.I.P., everybody on that bus!), launching the CW drama’s first big mystery.

“The ending [of the premiere] is designed to make you really wonder what it is that Landon wants,” series creator Julie Plec tells TVLine. “What secrets is he hiding? And what danger does he represent for this group?”

If Landon was an everyday, run-of-the-mill supernatural creature — a vampire, witch, werewolf or any sort of hybrid — someone at the Salvatore Boarding School would have known, so what the heck is he? Even TVLine readers, who have regularly proven to be astute predictors of twists during the franchise’s nine-year run, appear stumped, with one commenter suggesting he could possibly be a hunter.

Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait too long for answers. Plec teases, “The questions of why he stole the knife and why he lied are what drive the second episode. We start to learn what he knows, as well as how he feels about the fact that he’s suddenly being hunted by Hope Mikaelson.”

As for whether Landon is truly evil, or merely a victim of circumstances — he looked surprised when that stolen dagger started to explode — also remains in question. Asks Plec, “Is Landon the sweet, innocent local boy she thought he was? Or is he the harbinger of Armageddon? We’ll find out!”

What do you think Landon really is? (If no one has any better suggestions, I’m assuming… unicorn.) Drop a comment with your theories below.

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