Roswell, New Mexico Casts Originals Baddie as Max and Isobel's Mother

Roswell New Mexico Spoilers

Roswell, New Mexico‘s latest addition knows a thing or two about navigating complicated family dynamics on The CW. Claudia Black, who portrayed the Mikaelsons’ Aunt Dahlia on The Originals, is guest-starring on the midseason series as Max and Isobel’s adoptive mother Ann Evans, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Polished and warm-hearted, Ann blames herself for not being able to connect with her children. Granted, she doesn’t realize that Max and Isobel and have been keep a pretty massive secret from her all their lives. (Psst… They’re aliens!)

Among others, Roswell, New Mexico stars Jeanine Mason (Grey’s Anatomy) as Liz, a biomedical researcher and daughter of illegal immigrants; Nathan Parsons (The Originals) as Max, Liz’s teenage crush-turned-police officer who’s secretly an alien; Lily Cowles (BrainDead) as Isobel, Max’s sister/fellow alien; Michael Vlamis as Michael, a troubled alien desperate for a way off this planet; Tyler Blackburn (Pretty Little Liars) as Alex, a traumatized military veteran who dreams of a future with the man he loves; and Michael Trevino (The Vampire Diaries) as Kyle, the son of the town sheriff who’s about to learn just how dark his family’s history really is.

Black’s casting serves as a multi-layered reunion, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Roswell executive producers Carina Adly MacKenzie and Julie Plec worked with her on The Originals, as did Parsons. In addition to The Originals, Black’s small-screen credits include roles on Containment (another Plec connection!), Haven, Stargate SG-1 and Farscape — so at least she’s no stranger when it comes to extraterrestrials.

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