Party of Five Reboot: Freeform Casts Leads of Immigration-Themed Drama

Party Of Five Reboot Pilot

Though a few key roles remain unclaimed, Freeform’s Party of Five reboot pilot just received four crucial RSVPs. Brandon Larracuente (13 Reasons Why), Emily Tosta (Mayans M.C.), Niko Guardado (The Goldbergs) and relative newbie Elle Paris Legaspi have all been cast as series regulars in the pilot, TVLine has learned.

A reimagining of the ’90s Fox drama — which made household names out of Matthew Fox, Scott Wolf, Neve Campbell, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Lacey Chabert — Freeform’s Party of Five has an immigration focus. Rather than losing their parents in a car accident, as happened to the Salinger siblings in the original series, the reboot’s Buendia family finds itself divided when the parents are deported back to Mexico.

Larracuente will play eldest sibling Emilio Buendia, an otherwise irresponsible aspiring musician who finds himself drawn back home when his family becomes fractured. Tosta will play Lucia Buendia, whose college ambitions are shaken by her parents’ deportation; “she quickly becomes resistant to authority, politically radicalized and rebellious to her presumed duties as the oldest daughter.”

Guardado will play Beto Buendia, the family’s second-oldest brother who rises to the occasion when needed. His life used to consist solely of “sports, girls and school,” but finds that running a family gives him more “self-respect and sense of purpose” than he ever had. Lastly, Legaspi will play Valentina Buendia, whose “precocious” nature is shadowed by her fear of the future. “Her vulnerability will require her older siblings to step up and offer the structure and support that they may not be wholly equipped to provide.”

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