Manifest Recap: How Are You Feeling About Grace, Olive and Jared Now?

Manifest Recap

NBC’s Manifest this week set course for “greater understanding” of what Grace, Olive and Jared went through in the immediate wake of Flight 828’s disappearance, and how they slowly but surely moved on with their lives.

In flashback, we saw the exact moment when Grace and Olive — after their own, earlier plane had landed in New York — watched the arrival status for Ben and Cal’s flight change from “ON TIME” to an ominous “SEE AGENT.” Shortly thereafter, Grace rang Jared, in hopes that he as a cop could cut through the vagaries and make sense of what they were hearing from officials, that 828 had … vanished.

Other flashbacks revealed how, appropriate-ish amounts of time later, Grace met Danny at a survivors support group, while Jared and Lourdes came to sense that maybe the two remaining “Musketeers” could make a go of it, romantically. (Mick’s mom, amid her battle with cancer, even knitted Jared an afghan as a way of “blessing’ him moving on.)

On the Grace front, Olive at first was resistant to Danny’s presence, though she seemed to appreciate how he toughed his way through her mother’s meatloaf in order to spare feelings. We also saw how as the news broke that 828 had somehow returned years later, Danny promptly exited stage right, after sharing a sad good-bye with Olive. Jared, meanwhile, was being invited by Lourdes to celebrate their three-year “first kissaversay” when he was phoned with the incredible news.

In the present day, Danny showed up at Grace’s house to not lament his own loss but that of Olive, who later confided to her mom that while Danny was not her “real Dad,” he still was very much her Dad. Lourdes meanwhile told Jared that she was concerned that she had to hear from Michaela, and not him, that he’d put his job on the line for his ex. Jared, though, maintained that he was simply doing a solid for their confused friend, and nothing more.

Elsewhere, Bethany planned to spirit Thomas away to her friend’s cabin before the feds could track down the stowaway, but Vance dragged her in for questioning before she could do so. Ben and Cal meanwhile had spent a free-wheeling day at Coney Island, despite the fact that the former was spooked by a voice saying, “It’s all connected.” (Marvel TV chief Jeph Loeb, is that you?) When Cal led his dad on a bit of a wild chase, down into the subway system, through locked gates and crawling into rather pristine air ducts (!), they eventually and unexpectedly emerged inside the boiler room where Thomas was waiting for Bethany to return! (“It’s all connected,” Cal explained to his pop.) Someone then came knocking, but Cal sensed it was a friendly — and it was. Beth’s wife had come to take care of driving Thomas to the cabin.

In a final flashback, this time to aboard the actual Flight 828, we saw Ben and Michaela fast asleep, while Cal was drawn to a bright light beyond their row’s window shade. Leaning over and staring into it, he remarked, “It’s all connected.”

What did you think of the episode “Connecting Flights”? Did it make you an eensy bit more sympathetic to Grace, Olive and or Jared?

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