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Legends of Tomorrow Post Mortem: What's Haunting Constantine?

Legends Season 4 Spoilers

Just when the Legends of Tomorrow thought they were out of the timeline-babysitting business, a murderous, glittery goo-spewing unicorn pulled them back in.

Season 4 opened with the Legends wondering what all the hubbub Constantine tried to raise months prior at the beach was all about, warning that some “door” had been opened and what not, seeing as it had been BAU for them since. But no sooner had the Time Bureau thrown Sara & Co. a surprise party to celebrate their last fixed anachronism, the team found themselves drawn to the Woodstock music festival circa 1969, where a blood-thirsty unicorn was skewering trippy hippies and then devouring their hearts.

Worse, said unicorn was spewing a glittery, hallucinogenic goo that rendered most of the Legends dazed and confused. Luckily, Sara stayed dry/was unaffected, so she and John were able to keep clear heads and formulate a plan — one that required A) Jerry Garcia’s saliva, B) one of Janis Joplin’s hairs and C) a virgin. Enter the Time Bureau’s Gary! With all the pieces in place, Constantine cooked up some magic that incinerated the unicorn and cast it from our realm.

Afterward, Sara confessed to Ava that the Legends’ work in fact wasn’t done, that by releasing Mallus to defeat him, they had opened the world to magic monsters. And now Sara fears that her love will realize she is nothing but a screw-up. Ava, though, already knew about the new threat (thanks to Gary and the nipple he proudly lost to the unicorn), and it affects her feelings for Sara not one iota. Sara then professes how much she wants to live with Ava, as invited to earlier, but not until the Legends have put this new bit of business behind them.

The episode closed with Constantine at his flat, emerging from a shower only to have his towel-clad self tossed around the bedroom by some snarling, unseen force. After John had been roughed up good, he rose to look at the bedroom mirror, onto which the words “I’m coming for you, Johnny” were being mysteriously scrawled….

Legends showrunner Keto Shimizu was cagey about Constantine’s very personal demon, only saying, “There are a lot of magical creatures out there, and it’s going to be a really crazy season.” Series star Caity Lotz meanwhile noted that Sara tried to find out why John is “more miserable” than he was five months ago, only to get stonewalled.

“He’s a pretty closed-off person, so she kind of just leaves it,” Sara’s portrayer told TVLine. “But you can pretty much guarantee that whatever that is, it is going to make trouble for everyone.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)