Chicago P.D. Video: Jack Coleman Returns as Ruzek's (Dirty?) Dad

Ruzek’s job and family are about to collide in a big way on Chicago P.D.: During this Wednesday’s episode (NBC, 10/9c), the officer runs into his dad Disco Bob (returning guest star Jack Coleman) while working a case, which might involve his pops.

As seen in TVLine’s exclusive video, Ruzek discovers that his father has taken a gig working security at a strip club, where the owner is under investigation by Intelligence. The boss man is “a bad, bad dude,” star Patrick John Flueger previews. “The question is: Does Bob know about it? Is he dirty?”

In the above scene, Bob is taken aback by the suggestion that he’s involved in criminal dealings. “I think Ruzek, for the most part, never believes it until a certain point, until he goes, ‘Oh, this is actually a little wacky. Maybe something’s off here,'” Flueger says.

The storyline also digs deeper into the duo’s relationship, which is complicated by the investigation. “In some of these scenes, the son kind of becomes the father,” Flueger shares. “I’m telling him what to do, and I can’t really give him all of the info because I’ve got to protect the case. It’s uncomfortable. Watching Ruzek be kind of a little boy in his father’s eyes, and trying to man up and direct his father down a certain path, it’s a color maybe we’ve never seen before.”

Press PLAY to watch the preview, then hit the comment with your thoughts on Disco Bob’s return.

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