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Supergirl EP Breaks Down Kara's New Crisis, Nia's Powerful Tease and More

Supergirl Recap

Mercy and Otis Graves continued to carry out Agent Liberty’s anti-alien agenda on Sunday’s Supergirl, successfully taking down two of the show’s most formidable female figures. President Marsdin was the first to fall, stepping down as President of the United States after being outed as an extraterrestrial, though Kara pledged to remain loyal to the country no matter who’s running it. (Gee, why do I get the feeling that she’ll soon regret those words?)

And that was hardly the only instance of alien hate this week: Nia leapt to new pal Brainy’s defense when he was threatened by the owner of a pizza parlor; J’onn stumbled upon a deeply unsettling Earth-first rally; and Nia came out as transgender while convincing James to run a pro-alien editorial, despite his fear of tarnishing CatCo’s “balanced reporting.” (Yet he has absolutely no ethical problem with Kara filing stories about herself — sorry, about “Supergirl” — on a daily basis? Maybe we promoted this guy from photo editor to head of the company a little prematurely.)

The episode also featured a rematch between Kara and Mercy, who attacked LuthorCorp when Kara was already there to see Lena. Needless to say, not being able to slip into her Supergirl costume presented a few complications, though Kara still managed to save the day… until the end of the episode. Mercy got her revenge, infecting Supergirl with a kryptonite bullet mid-flight, sending the Girl of Steel plummeting to the ground below.

“It’ll take the whole team to try and save her,” executive producer Robert Rovner told reporters during a recent screening of the episode. “Once they do, [they’ll need] to figure out how to stop what is now gaining much greater momentum, this fear of aliens. It sets the stage for everything that comes this season.”

Below, Rovner offers additional teases about what’s still to come for Kara & Co., including when we’ll get some much-needed background details about this season’s new heroes and villains…

* As the season progresses, James’ relationship with the Children of Liberty “becomes more complicated,” as does Lena’s relationship with Mercy, who was once like an older sister to her. “They had a complicated relationship in the past that becomes even more complicated after the events of this episode,” Rovner says.

* Speaking of Lena, the possibility of Kara’s best friend discovering her caped persona is “always on the forefront of our minds when we’re thinking about story,” Rovner says, echoing Kara’s anticipation of a “big fallout” when that secret eventually comes out.

* Next week’s episode offers an Agent Liberty origin story, which “adds a level of depth so we understand why our villain is a villain,” Rovner says, promising that we’ll learn what “brought him to this place of being so against aliens.”

* Nia’s little nap scene was indeed a nod to her burgeoning powers. “It gets teased in the earlier episodes, then becomes a much bigger thing,” Rovner says of Dreamer’s emergence.

* As for Nia’s future with Brainy, Rovner says, “Circumstances conspire to have them cross paths as the season continues. Because he’s from the future, and does know [her] in the future, he can help her on her path to becoming a hero.” Adds Jesse Rath (aka Brainy), “I feel for Nicole [Maines], because flirting with Brainy is a really hard thing. I give her nothing. She’s got to do all the heavy lifting.”

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