Charmed Boss: Can Harry Be Trusted? And Who Are the Sisters' Fathers?

Charmed Reboot Spoilers

Charmed is wasting no time getting to bottom of one of its biggest mysteries: Just how trustworthy is the sisters’ Whitelighter? Macy, Mel and Maggie were warned to keep their distance at the end of last week’s series premiere, but executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman tells TVLine not to jump to any conclusions just yet.

“We dive right into that in the next episode,” she says of Sunday’s second hour (The CW, 9/8c). “You’ll find out whether he can be trusted or not, and you’ll find out who that message really came from.” Until then, she says the sisters are “panicked. He’s their guide to the spirit world, and now they don’t know who they can trust.”

And while we’re talking about secretive characters, Urman says we’ll soon begin to meet the girls’ fathers. “You’ll start to hear a little bit about their families around Episode 7,” she teases, “and I think our first father will join around Episode 9.”

As for what else fans can look forward to in Charmed‘s first season, Urman reveals that an upcoming episode features a satyr — a half-man, half-goat being from Greek mythology. Even though a satyr never appeared in the original series, Urman says the reboot “definitely uses a lot of [the original’s] mythology and creatures.”

All Urman will say about a possible connection to the original series — come on, we all saw that entry on Melinda Warren in the Book of Shadows — is that “we’ll get into that more as we go.” Color us intrigued.

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