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Titans Trio Talk Episode 2 Cliffhanger: Has a Hero Already Fallen?

Titans 1x02 Dove Dies

The following contains spoilers form the second episode of DC Universe’s Titans.

As Episode 2 of DC Universe’s Titans superhero team-up series came to a close, one birdie’s wings appeared to have gotten clipped.

The episode “Hawk and Dove” introduced us to the titular vigilantes aka Hank Hall and Dawn Granger (played by Blood Drive‘s Alan Ritchson and Friday Night Lights‘ Minka Kelly). With orphaned Rachel in tow, Dick had shown up on their doorstep, immediately rousing old tensions due a special something he once shared with Dawn.

Dick’s “vulnerability” “is something that Hank has a hard time with,” Ritchson tells TVLine. “Hank has leaned to protect himself by putting up some pretty high walls,” and as such, vulnerability is “probably something that other guys are better at.”

As the episode wound down, it became clear that Dick planned to leave Rachel with Hank and Dawn. (Better to ask forgiveness than permission, right?) But just as Rachel, an empath, called out Dick for lying about eventually coming back for her, the juiced-up Nuclear Family team of assassins showed up to tussle with the heroes and take Rachel away for their boss’ nefarious purposes.

As Rachel hid, Dick got pushed over one edge of the rooftop, while Hank was lassoed around the neck by the Nuclear daughter. Dawn cried out for her mate, only to get tossed by the Nuclear dad into and through the rooftop bird coop (#irony), off of the roof and plummeting to the pavement below.

Once the Nuclear Family had left and Dick pulled himself up from the ledge, he raced down to the street to find a bloodied Dawn splatted on the asphalt. “I’m dying,” she gasped, before he launched into a fervent CPR effort.

But did he do enough, in time? (SPOILERS FOLLOW)

“If you’re a TV fan, you’re going to be open to any possibility — and with Minka Kelly, you’re going to want to see a lot of her,” says showrunner Greg Walker, hinting at Dawn’s fate. Adds fellow exec producer Akiva Goldsman, a bit more pointedly: “Hang on, because Dove’s got a real part to play in this season. She’s not dead.”

After all, Walker notes, “Rachel was just starting to find a real affinity with Dawn that she hadn’t found with anybody else, and that draws her to have deeper relationships with people. It’s a relationship she can’t really have yet with Dick, and it opens up our world in terms of emotions.”

Which is not to say that Dawn is back up and at ’em straight away, and certainly not in Episode 3. In the meantime, Hank will sit at her hospital bedside, hoping for the best — and hoping to deliver payback.

“The only thing that matters to him is Dove, really,” Ritchson says. “So if there’s a sense that he’s going to lose that, well, we all do crazy things when were desperate. And he starts to get a little depsrate as this story unfolds.”

Ritchson himself was left hanging by the gasp-inducing Episode 2 cliffhanger. “It was fun for me getting to see what the next script had,” he recalls. “It’s interesting to follow somebody who is capable of doing anything,” like Hank/Hawk. “You never know what they’re going to do when backed up against a wall.”

What did you think of the episode “Hawk and Dove”?

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