Halloween's Michael Myers Gets the Making a Murderer Treatment on Corden

Step aside, Steven Avery: There’s a new Making a Murderer subject in town. James Corden on Thursday gave Halloween‘s Michael Myers the true-crime treatment, combining elements of the iconic slasher franchise and the Netflix phenomenon to create a parody we didn’t know we needed until now.

In “Making a Halloween Murderer,” Corden’s Myers is imprisoned for a 40-year-old crime he says he didn’t commit. The authorities are convinced they have the right guy in custody, even after speaking to his close friend Jason “The Voormeister” Voorhees (“We used to murder so many… beers.”), but new DNA evidence ultimately comes through that exonerates the alleged babysitter slayer.

What follows is a look at Myers’ post-prison life, which includes getting into shape, chasing his new girlfriend around the park and viciously stabbing into his own birthday cake. Previously overlooked evidence (namely, all the murders committed in the Halloween sequels) eventually puts him back behind bars — but with any luck, perhaps he’ll have another chance at clearing his name in “Making a Halloween Murderer” Part 2?

This isn’t the first time Corden has stepped into an iconic film role. Back in September, he parodied the new Predator film (which you can watch here).

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