Supernatural EP Warns Michael Is 'Not the Primary Villain,' Teases Dean Twist

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Supernatural archangel Michael is not looking so Big Bad, after all. Sure, he’s taken possession of Dean’s body, and is building an army of super monsters to cleanse the earth — but the real evil is still out there.

“Everybody has to find a way to undo Michael, who’s the super villain as we start out the year, but will not be the primary villain” during Season 14, executive producer Eugenie Ross-Leming told TVLine at The CW’s fall launch event this past Sunday.

For now, Michael will continue to recruit monsters, but as seeing as how they’re not known to be the most compliant creatures, he “will, ultimately, have to change the plan,” the EP previews. “Basically, he feels humans are useless, worthless. They didn’t work in Apocalypse World, they’re not going to work in this world. So he believes monsters are straight-up. He knows who he’s dealing with, and he can manipulate them. But he learns a lesson.”

As for the beloved Winchester trapped inside Michael, if/when Dean is eventually freed, he won’t be as traumatized as one might think by the horrible things the archangel did while sporting his vessel. “Dean’s been contaminated by Cain. He’s a tough guy,” Ross-Leming notes. “His body’s sort of accumulated a lot of, I think, antibodies against evil, so he’ll be OK. He knows how to handle himself, even though he’s been altered. But there is a little bit of a surprise, in terms of this semi-possession, which I can’t tell you about. There’s a little bit of a twist.”

Plus, this ordeal with Michael “doesn’t take as big a toll” on the hunter as, say, his experience in Hell did, the EP reveals, “because there’s something else that’s going to happen that will take a bigger toll on Dean, and he has to pay attention to that.”

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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