Riverdale Photos: Veronica's Speakeasy Opens — Plus, Meet Evelyn Evernever

Veronica’s speakeasy is about to be open for business.

In a series of new Riverdale photos just released by The CW, we get our first look at Ronnie’s new business venture: a swanky, dinner club-style watering hole in the basement of Pop’s. The vibe is very Boardwalk Empire, with Veronica and Josie slinking around in glittery, floor-length gowns, with Josie also hitting the mic for a musical number. Reggie’s behind the bar, and Hiram is supervising, of course, with a whiskey in hand. But it’s not all smooth sailing: “A series of suspicious roadblocks threaten to delay the opening” of the speakeasy, per the official description. (And if you’re hung up on questioning how a 16-year-old can legally operate a bar, you must not watch a lot of Riverdale.)

The first-look pics from Riverdale‘s Oct. 24 episode, titled “As Above, So Below,” also introduce us to Evelyn Evernever (played by Orphan Black alum Zoe de Grand Maison), the daughter of Edgar Evernever, the dear leader of Polly and Alice’s creepy cult commune The Farm. It looks like Evelyn tries to befriend Betty at school, but we already know how Betty feels about The Farm: At a group meeting in the Cooper family home, Betty unloads on her mom for her allegiance to this new “family.”

Elsewhere in the episode, “Betty and Jughead follow different leads to learn more about the strange incidents going on in the town,” and “some unwanted attention forces Archie to make a difficult decision about his future.”

Check out the gallery to the right — or click here for direct access — for a Riverdale first look, and then hit the comments to tell us: How does Veronica’s speakeasy look? And should Betty trust Evelyn?

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