The Flash's Candice Patton: Iris and Nora 'Get On a Really Great Path,' Following That Rough Start

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If you felt like The Flash‘s first scenes between Iris and the grown daughter she has yet to even conceive were… well, whatever the opposite of schway is… Candice Patton is here to reassure you that the kid’s gonna be alright.

In the CW series’ Season 5 premiere, “There was a fun moment between us at Jitters, where Iris is just so desperate to try to relate to her daughter,” Patton recalled for TVLine at The CW’s Fall Launch event at the Warner Bros. lot. Clumsily wielding 2050s slang, for example. “She’s trying to pretend like she gets it — she wants this connection so badly — but Nora is just not interested, based on things that are happening in the future.”

While acknowledging that such awkwardness is “fun to play” as an actress, Patton shares, “I always worried, ‘I hope this doesn’t continue over the course of the entire season,’ because I don’t think fans want to see Nora (played by Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Iris at odds for too long.

“Thankfully,” she continues, “it won’t be that way for very long. We’ve got a couple of episodes where Iris and Nora are finding their way, and then we see them kind of reconcile and get on a really great path.”

In the meantime, Iris will be “constantly doing things to reach out” to her not-so-little little girl, Patton previews. “She’s that parent that’s like, ‘What can I do? I just want you to like me and for us to have a good relationship.'”

A good part of the need for that affirmation, Patton says, comes from Nora representing “an indication to Iris that Barry and Iris in the future finally get their happy ending. I think that’s always been a question for Iris and Barry, with the jobs that they have: Will they get married? Will they have the family they always wanted? And Nora coming back is this beacon of hope for Iris that, yes, they finally get it all. So yeah, she wants it to work.”

Of course, viewers, along with Barry and Nora, know that standing in the way of that happy ending is the fact that Barry not only vanishes in 2024, but will remain missing… possibly forever. That secret between father and child will only keep “for a little bit,” Patton says, so don’t worry that the truth is a time bomb waiting to blow up WestAllen.

“We’ll get into that sooner than later,” Patton promises. “I think fans will be relieved to know that Barry doesn’t hold onto that information for too much longer. No more secrets on The Flash!” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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