Chicago Med Sneak Peek: Will Lands on the Feds' Radar — But Can Voight Help?

Will Halstead is in deep, deep trouble… with the law! In TVLine’s exclusive video from Wednesday’s Chicago Med (NBC, 8/7c), the doc gets some concerning news from Chicago P.D.‘s Voight: Will’s house calls to Ray Burke — who, unbeknownst to him, is a gangster — have caught the attention of the feds.

“They’re looking your way now,” the sergeant informs Will, who was just treating Ray. But that’s not how it looks to the feds, who suspect that Will is taking kickbacks. “You ran Ray’s blood for free and off the books, then accepted a sweetheart deal on his wedding venue. It’s a bad move,” Voight explains.

The Intelligence boss then proposes a plan to take the heat off of Will: “From now on, whatever happens between you and Ray, you pass it on.” And if the doctor doesn’t accept the informant deal, things could get a lot worse. “You get jammed up with the feds, it could cost you your medical license,” Voight warns. Will the doc accept the offer? Press PLAY above to find out.

Elsewhere in the episode, appropriately titled “Backed Against the Wall,” “Ethan is skeptical of a woman who is experiencing chronic pain,” and “Natalie tends to a cancer patient whose brother has strong feelings on why he is refusing to lend his assistance,” per the official description.

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