SNL 'Precap': 6 Sketches That Oughta Be Included in Seth Meyers' Episode

Instead of just recapping Saturday Night Live this week, TVLine has decided to, in a sense, precap it — by outlining six sketches that we expect and/or hope to see when alum Seth Meyers returns as host to his old stomping grounds. And those sketches are…

Mr. West Goes to Washington: If Kanye’s epic appearance at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue doesn’t open the show (as well as get a segment or two during Weekend Update), we’ll eat his MAGA hat. Question is, which cast member will play the rapper? Will it even be a cast member, or will the show bring in a name? (Paging Donald Glover… )

Go to the Mattresses: Wringing humor from the tragedy of Hurricane Michael wouldn’t be easy. However, Lester Holt (Kenan Thompson) and his crew propping a mattress up against a hotel window to protect themselves from the elements could lend itself to a workable skit.

Stefon Returns: Meyers is sure to be involved in Weekend Update in some fashion. And, that being the case, we’d bet money that Bill Hader will stop by as Stefon — and that he won’t be the only SNL grad that the Late Night host recruits for a reunion.

A Star Is Born Auditions: Having seen this skit played out with readings for everything from Star Wars to The Lion King, we know that all it needs to be hit out of the park are a few good impressions — and Meyers could probably handle most of those himself. And admit it, hearing him try to sing “Shallow” as Tom Cruise or Hugh Grant would be music to your ears!

Supreme Court Clerk Interviews: This one might be a bit of a stretch — what are the odds that Matt Damon and Alec Baldwin will both be around 30 Rock tonight? But imagine getting to see Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who’s sworn to fill these critical positions only with women, interview the candidates with Trump and Justice Clarence Thomas?

Melania and Nikki: Though Cecily Strong does a solid impression of “the most bullied person in the world,” we really want to see her play her doppelganger, the soon-to-be former UN Ambassador, perhaps to reveal the reason she’s leaving her post.

Tune in tonight to see how many our our predictions were on point. And, in the meantime, hit the comments with the skits you expect/want/need to see.

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