God Friended Me Video: Miles Tries to Expose the Almighty With a 'Poke'

God Friended Me‘s Miles turns to — what else? — social media to unmask who’s behind his new Facebook pal’s account in TVLine’s exclusive video from this Sunday’s episode (airing at 8:30 pm ET/8 pm PT on CBS).

After losing half his podcast listeners, Miles is ready to get his life back, and that means flushing out whoever’s pretending to be the Almighty. Lucky for Miles, his BFF Rakesh has a pretty decent idea: “We could ‘poke’ him” on Facebook, Rakesh suggests, to see if one of the nearby taco truck patrons — “God” is a fan, apparently — reacts to their phone.

The plan goes awry, however, when a young boy bumps into Miles and steals his wallet. Could it be more than just a random theft? “The God account ‘liked’ the taco truck. I come down here, ‘poke’ the account, basically announcing that I’m here, and seconds later, this kid steals my wallet?” Miles points out just as he receives a new friend suggestion. He then “decides to turn the tables” and have his new online pal, who’s a PI, “track down the thief, who Miles believes is linked to the account,” per the official description.

Press PLAY above to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comment with your thoughts!

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