Dynasty Premiere: Who Survived the Fire? And Who's Back to Raise Hell?

Dynasty Recap

Leave it to the Carringtons to pack a century’s worth of drama into a party celebrating the 100th anniversary of the family’s company. Picking up one month after last season’s barn-burning finale, Friday’s Dynasty premiere revealed that while Cristal may have been the only one who perished in the fire, no one emerged from that house unscathed.

Let’s begin with Alexis, who would still be in her hospital bed if the staff didn’t physically force her to leave. Thanks to a series of threatening phone calls from Hank — you remember, the one who set the damn house on fire? — Alexis is worried that her involvement in the whole charade could be exposed. And for good reason, considering Hank recorded her saying, “No one can find out we were working together!” But Alexis’ quest for Hank’s hush money took a surprisingly sexy turn when she attempted to steal money from the safe in Blake’s bedroom… and ended up having sex with him!

And then there’s Fallon, whose love life is somehow even more complicated than it was when we left her last season. She’s still pretending to be married to Liam so that his family’s company will pay top dollar for Carrington Atlantic, but there are a few new hiccups in her plan — including that she accepted Culhane’s marriage proposal.

We also got to spend some quality time with Anders’ daughter Kirby, who’s favorite song has got to be Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” as it’s pretty much her catchphrase. Anders spent most of the premiere trying to keep her hidden — it turns out she was exiled from the manor several years earlier for allegedly trying to burn it to the ground — but ultimately couldn’t control her. It appears she’ll be staying with Jeff for the foreseeable future, and I can’t imagine those two could get into any trouble whatsoever.

As for Steven, he just couldn’t “man up” and tell his grieving husband the truth about Melissa’s pregnancy… so Blake did it for him! As part of Papa Carrington’s big speech to his partygoers, he congratulated Steven on the new life he’s bringing into the world, a bombshell Sammy Jo handled surprisingly well. In fact, he wants to raise the baby with Steven, just as Cristal — whose ashes were “accidentally” dropped on the floor of the foyer by, you guessed it, Alexis — raised him when he was little.

And speaking of Cristal, Friday’s premiere saved the biggest — and potentially most confusing — twist for last: The final scene introduced us to a woman named Cristal Jennings who works at a health and wellness center in Sedona, Arizona. “I feel like I already know them,” she told her friend as she watched paparazzi footage of Blake for the millionth time. Her co-worker suggested she pretend to be the “real” Cristal Flores, since she already has half the name, and she appeared to like the sound of that plan.

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