South Park Tackles Apu Controversy, Calls on Fox to #CancelTheSimpsons

South Park on Wednesday weighed in on the ongoing Simpsons controversy concerning Apu, a character some consider racially insensitive. In fact, the Comedy Central ‘toon suggested TV’s longest-running primetime scripted series should be cancelled.

The Simpsons came under fire earlier this year when critics — most prominently, comedian Hari Kondabolu and his documentary The Problem With Apu — pointed out that the character, voiced by white cast member Hank Azaria, was seen as a demeaning stereotype of Indian people. Then in April, the show alluded to the controversy with a swipe some saw as tone-deaf. Azaria, meanwhile, has said he understands the outcry and is “perfectly willing” to stop voicing Apu or help transition the character “into something new,” but the series has not yet indicated that any changes are being made.

That brings us to Wednesday’s South Park, aptly titled “The Problem With a Poo.” In the episode, the character Mr. Hankey (an actual turd) was exiled from South Park and sent to go live in a town “that accepts racist, awful beings like him,” where people “don’t care about bigotry and hate,” according to Randy. Cut to Springfield, where Mr. Hankey arrived and was immediately greeted by the mired-in-controversy Kwik-E-Mart owner. The episode then ended with a #cancelthesimpsons title card, as seen below:

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